A new preventive paradigm in health : The genomics era // Adrian Turjanski

Recent advances in genome sequencing, delivering data cheaper and faster every year, together with new bioinformatics algorithms, artificial intelligence and big data promise a new era of personalized medicine. As the DNA of more and more people is being obtained, the bottleneck for a truly genomics era in healthcare is that data needs to be transformed into valuable information. Latin America is lying behind and a new paradigm in preventive medicine and wellness needs the development of new DNA tests directed to the consumer. In this sense translational bioinformatics is a key field that needs to be developed and implemented to have reliable storage, analytic and interpretive methods to optimize the transformation of these increasingly voluminous genomic data, into proactive, predictive, preventive, and participatory health. In this talk I will describe our efforts in developing tests and a bioinformatic platform to analyze patients' genomics information to help people live better and longer lives.

Adrian Turjanski

On Demand


Ago 25 2021




Health Land @ Home 2021