Knowledge and technology as allies for Quality Improvement and Patient Safety // Lais Junqueira

The global health crisis, triggered by COVID-19, accelerated healthcare disruption. It emphasized the role of evidence-based clinical knowledge and digital technology as enablers of continuous quality improvement and patient safety. Knowledge-driven digital technology can be a great ally for healthcare leaders to design sustainable choice architectures that nudge healthcare stakeholders into safer decisions. Nudges fundamentally guide users while respecting their freedom of choice, increasing sustainability of safety within the six pillars of the Quality and Patient Safety Journey 2.0.
As systems progress and evolve, healthcare leaders must embrace their roles as choice architects, clinical stakeholders, identifiers, and reporters of system vulnerabilities. As clinical heroism shifts to safe systems, we all must become active system stakeholders to promote change and improve the quality of care and patient safety.

Lais Junqueira

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Ago 26 2021




Health Land @ Home 2021